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How to Create the Perfect Christmas Table Setting

Set the scene for your holiday celebration with a beautiful Christmas table setting. With the right decoration on the dinner table, you can create a holiday cheer that impresses your guests and makes them feel at home. From choosing what should be on the table to deciding which colors to use, these Christmas table decoration ideas help you set up a stunning holiday display.
Choose a Color Scheme for Your Table Setting
Consider colors that evoke the Christmas spirit, such as red and green, or more subtle hues, like silver …

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How to Clean a Futon Sofa Step by Step

You can clean your futon by firstly vacuuming it, deodorizing it, removing the stains, and finally, cleaning the frame of your futon.
The futon mattress was initially created and designed in Japan, but it was adopted by the West and modified to what you see today. To protect your futon and ensure its maximum life cycle, it is essential to regularly clean the futon to get rid of unwanted things such as spills, stains, mold, mildew, dirt, and dust.
This article is a step-by-step guide on how to clean a futon and the various cleansing agents involved.
Cleansing Agents for Your Futon Sofa
Futons like the Novogratz…

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Antique Repair and Restoration Services

Repair, refurbish, and restore the impeccable beauty of antique furniture and your other valued inherited pieces with the help of the top-rated antique repair service provider.
Here are the essential antique restoration services our team at Vital Turnaround Furniture Works has to offer.
1. Antique Full Restoration
Our antique full restoration service includes all the essential services to help you restore your antique furniture’s optimum physical attributes and natural beauty.
2. Antique Repair
With our antique repair service, we inspect for any damage to determine the areas needing repair. We …

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Upholstery Repair Service

Bring back your upholsteries’ natural charm and original beauty through upholstery repair. Suppose you have upholstered chairs or sofas at home that have torn seams, rips, and holes. In that case, you should definitely seek the help of a professional upholstery technician who can restore their original look.
Our team of expert technicians at Vital Turnaround Furniture Works can repair your worn-out upholstered furniture pieces at your home or your business.
Reupholstering damaged chairs, sofas, and other furniture items is a great way to amp up your living space without spending a lot of money replacing your entire …

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Leather Repair

Bring back the elegance and sophistication of your leather furniture pieces at home. Suppose you have leather sofas, barstool chairs, or recliners with abrasions, rips, or scratches. In that case, our expert leather repair staff can help you restore their natural beauty and charisma.
Leather furniture is prized for its splendid look and impeccable elegance; thus, many homeowners choose to invest in it for their home or business property. However, just like any other material, leather is also subject to damage due to everyday use.

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Floor Repair and Restoration

Breathe a new life to your home’s hardwood floors through Vital Turnaround Furniture Works’ Floor Repair and Restoration Services.
We can revitalize and refresh worn-out flooring throughout your home or commercial property with our expert floor upkeep services. Our experienced technicians offer the capability of mending gouges and scratches on your hardwood floor with stellar expertise and attention to detail.
Our Floor Repair and Restoration Services:
1. Hardwood Floor Repair
Bring back the natural beauty and charm of your beat-up hardwood flooring at home or your business with Vital …

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Cabinet Repair and Refacing

Repairing and restoring your old kitchen and bathroom cabinets can bring several aesthetic benefits to your entire living space. Sprucing up your bathroom or kitchen with splendid cabinetry does not have to cost an arm and a leg. At Vital Turnaround Furniture Works, we offer the capability of breathing new life into your home’s cabinetries so you won’t have to spend an expensive amount on replacing them.
Depending on your cabinets’ condition and the look you want to achieve, Vital Turnaround Furniture Works provides you with an array of cabinet repair and reface service options listed below:
1. Cabinet …

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Furniture Repair and Restore Services

Bring the natural beauty of your favorite furniture pieces back to life and fall in love with them once again.
Whether you have an ornate sofa that your grandmother gave you or a rustic-style dining table you bought several years ago, Vital Turnaround Furniture Works have the expertise when it comes to repairing and restoring your valued pieces.
Have your unattractive old dresser refreshed and spice up your bed frame and nightstand with new paint. On the other hand, furniture pieces that are suffering …

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