Antique Repair and Restoration Services

Antique Repair and Restoration Services

Repair, refurbish, and restore the impeccable beauty of antique furniture and your other valued inherited pieces with the help of the top-rated antique repair service provider.

Here are the essential antique restoration services our team at Vital Turnaround Furniture Works has to offer.

1. Antique Full Restoration

Our antique full restoration service includes all the essential services to help you restore your antique furniture’s optimum physical attributes and natural beauty.

2. Antique Repair

With our antique repair service, we inspect for any damage in order to determine the areas in need of repair. We mend gouges, scratches, sticky drawers, loose hinges, broken legs, and more.

3. Antique Finish Refurbishing

With our antique finish refurbishing service, we enhance and protect an antique item’s patina. We also conduct thorough cleaning to get rid of any grease and grime.

4. Antique Refinishing

Our antique refinishing service involves removing an antique item’s original finish and replacing it with a special varnish. This process can be done to the entire surface of the item or only in certain areas of it.

5. Antique Stripping

The process of antique stripping involves using a chemical solvent that is applied on the item’s surfaces to remove its surface finish and bring its bare wood look back.

Now, let’s have a look at the video below. Now, that is why we love antique repairs so much!

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