Furniture Repair and Restore Services

Furniture Repair and Restore Services

Bring the natural beauty of your favorite furniture pieces back to life and fall in love with them once again.

Whether you have an ornate sofa that your grandmother gave you or a rustic-style dining table you bought several years ago, Vital Turnaround Furniture Works have the expertise when it comes to repairing and restoring your valued pieces.

Have your unattractive old dresser refreshed and spice up your bed frame and nightstand with new paint. On the other hand, furniture pieces that are suffering structural damage can also become fully functional again through an expert repair service. All of these and more are what we offer at Vital Turnaround Furniture Works.

Moreover, here are the various Furniture repair services our team offers.

1. Furniture Repair and Restore

We provide expert repair and restoration services to help you bring your favorite furniture back to its best condition.

2. Furniture Painting/Repainting

Refresh your furniture pieces at home by having them painted or repainted with a fresh coat of paint.

3. Gouge/Dent/Scratch Repair

Our team uses special techniques and products to remove scratches, dents and gouges from your furniture.

4. Stellar Color Matching

Achieve your desired color palette for your living space with our professional color matching service.

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