Why Us?

Why Us?

Why Choose Vital Turnaround Furniture Works?

When discussing exceptional repair and restoration services for furniture, cabinetry, and woodworks, look no further than Vital Turnaround Furniture Works.

The Benefits Our Services Offer:

1. Professional repair and restoration services for both residential and commercial properties.

Our team of expert and well-experienced technicians deliver all of our services who have the skills and knowledge of properly handling various repair and restoration tasks. We offer professional services for both residential and business clients.

2. We handle even severely impaired furniture.

If you are in two minds of whether you will throw your beat-up furniture out and have it replaced or you are going to send it for repair, we suggest you choose the latter. Our expert furniture technicians can handle even the most worn-out furniture pieces. Trust us to restore your favorite furnishings to their optimum state.

3. Our services provide several cost-saving potentials.

When you choose to have your furniture, cabinets, or wood furnishings repaired and restored by us, you get to save a substantial amount of cash from having to replace them with a brand-new one. Additionally, you are also doing the environment a favor by not adding more trash to landfills.

4. We work closely with insurance providers.

Suppose you are an insurance provider and your policyholder is claiming for repair service. In that case, you can hire us as your partner service provider. We don’t only make sure to repair and restore your policyholder’s furnishings and fixtures, but we also give you valuable cost-savings from replacements.

5. We cater to our customers’ demands and goals.

Whatever final look you want to achieve with your furniture, cabinetry, and wood flooring, we are here to listen and turn your goals into fruition. Our team of expert technicians strives to meet the demands and requirements of every client.

6. Our team handles disaster repairs and restoration services.

If you have a residential or business that has recently been affected by fire, water damage, smoke, or other disasters, you can count on us at Vital Turnaround Furniture Works to help you repair and restore the pristine state of your indoor furnishings and fixtures.

Our Featured Repair and Restoration Services

1. Furniture Repairs

We offer repair and restoration services even in severely worn-out furniture pieces you have at your home or commercial property.

2. Woodwork Repairs

If you have neglected wood paneling, hardwood flooring, or any other woodwork at your home or business that needs attention, count on us to restore them to their optimum shape.

3. Cabinetry Refacing, Restoration, and Repainting Services

Spruce up your bathroom and kitchen by having your cabinetry refaced, restored, or repainted by one of our expert technicians.

4. Antique Repair Services

Restore the beauty and timeless charm of your valued antique furniture by allowing us to repair, refinish, or restore them to their natural beauty.

5. Furniture Assembly

If you need a hand with setting up your new furniture set, you can reach out to us for help.